We are Mothers. We are brilliantly and uniquely created. Who we are and what we do is vital to the advancement of our communities and our world. To teach, encourage, and instill hope in the hearts and minds of young humanity, we must be strong of mind, strong of will, and strong of heart, and we know we are. We are Strong Like A Mother. We are The MotherNation.

TMN Story

The MotherNation® story of how one day, we just decided to get out of our own way.


The Journey

Journey with us on our blog and find out the interesting things we are learning about ourselves and the world.



Learn about the Mothers that inspire us to keep Mothering on and Mothering up. Who are you inspired by?

J. AnnMarie of The MotherNation

Hello! I'm J. AnnMarie.

Grace & Friendship