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About Us

A Clothing Line Like No Other
When we wear  apparel from The MotherNation™, we make statements that say: We believe in who we are and what we do as mothers, We are smart consumers that recognize that The MotherNation™ brand is retail with a purpose - a purpose to not only represent me as a strong mother, but a purpose to help make every mother stronger.
Choices and opportunities are what make mothers powerful. Together we can achieve our purpose because we are the brand. We are who we represent. We are The MotherNation™,  and that is what makes our apparel line unique.
We believe in being socially responsible and accountable, so a percentage of every purchase through The MotherNation™ will help fund the Because of Her Foundation, Inc., a foundation that affords mothers with choices and resources through educational scholarships and enhanced life skills.
Whether your office is downtown or downstairs, we all need each other.
We invite you to join The MotherNation™ in our movement of friendship, understanding, and purpose to help make all the mothers in our lives stronger and help us create a more thriving, compassionate world for our children.